Video Target Tracking & TSPI Systems

IMBQ Naval Tracking Mount

Since 1987, IMAGO's goal is to provide the best video tracking to meet or exceed  our customers' needs at a cost effective price. For every project IMAGO reviews the tracking requirements,  performs a detailed engineering analysis and proposes a solution that will meet the tracking requirements.  For each project IMAGO is able  to offer a 100% guaranteed video tracking solution.  Using this approach IMAGO is able to ensure there is no performance risk to the customer.

By combining our expertise in tracking mount (pan/tilt) design, robotic control, video tracking algorithms with modern digital COTS cameras, laser rangefinders and infrared cameras we are able to offer high performance portable video tracking and trajectory measurement systems.   

IMAGO's tracking systems are designed to offer top performance in terms of accuracy, angular rate, payload capacity, while maintaining portablity.  Our systems offer equal or better perfomance then traditional trailer mounted systems, and are able to so more cost effectively. Most of  IMAGO’s tracking systems are designed to be two-man portable; with no need for dedicated vehicles or trailers.

Why buy from IMAGO

  • Better Video Tracking Algorithms
  • High Speed Robotic Control 
  • High Performance Portable Video Tracking Mounts
  • High Accuracy
  • IMAGO offers a 100% guaranteed solutions to minimize the risk to our clients.

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