The  IMBQ-HP-V2 Pan/tilt tracking mount is IMAGO’s High Precision Tracking Mount.  It has  larger bearings and more accurate encoders than IMAGO Standard Tracking mount.  The IMBQ-HP-V2 will support a 100kg multi-sensor payload and 13 arcs second accuracy, and maintain 90 deg/sec closed lood tracking. 

The IMBQ pan/tilt chassis is  precision milled out of solid high grade 6000 series aluminium plate.  The process ensures there are no material flaws, minimal chassis flex, and that the axis are orthogonal for increased accuracy.  

IMBQ-HP-V2 Video Tracking Mount

Like all IMAGO tracking mount the IMBQ-NVL is designed to avoid parallax errors.  This seperates out tracking mounts from many of our competitors as their optics are offset from the axes of rotation and introducing parallax errors.  Parallax may exceed the pan/tilt accuracywithout a range correction.  

Tracking Mount Specifications

Description Performance
Payload 100kg/220lbs
Weight ~85lbs
Azimuth Range 360 deg
Elevation Range 360 deg
IMBQ Accuracy 13arcsec
HP Repeatablity 7 arcsec
Max. Acceleration 180 deg/sec^2
Max Velocity 90 deg/sec
Min Velocity 0.02 deg/sec
Encoder Resolution 20 bit © IMAGO Machine Vision Inc.  1987-2018