The  IMBQ-STND Pan/tilt tracking mount is IMAGO’s IMBQ Tracking pan/tilt.  This pan/tilt is designed to meet the needs of clients looking for a mulit sensor tracking mount (100kg) and do not require the higher accuracy of the IMBQ-HP-V2 High Precision Tracking Pan/tilt.  

Video Tracking System Bofors

Tracking Mount Specifications

Description Performance
Payload 100kg/220lbs
Weight ~85lbs
Azimuth Range 360 deg
Elevation Range 360 deg
IMBQ Accuracy 36 arcsec
Available precision with encoder upgrade 12 arcsec
Repeatablity 36 arcsec
HP Repeatablity 7 arcsec
Max. Acceleration 180 deg/sec^2
Max Velocity 90 deg/sec
Min Velocity 0.02 deg/sec
Encoder Resolution 20 bit © IMAGO Machine Vision Inc.  1987-2018